Hair does not only function as appearance support but also serves to protect the scalp from the sun. But to make it look more attractive, people apply various hairstyles, ranging from short to long hairstyles. Everyone can be creative in accordance with their wishes and usually, they are looking for references to the desired hairstyle. One website that provides complete references is Black Health and Wealth. From hairstyles to trendy colors, everything is in Black Health and Wealth.

To get healthy hair, a series of treatments are carried out. One of the most important and mandatory types of treatment is shampooing with the right shampoo to prevent damaged hair. Everyone usually experiences a loss of 50-100 pieces every day. In order for the loss not to get worse, it is necessary to shampoo using a shampoo that suits your hair type. In addition to preventing hair loss, there are other benefits of shampooing:

– Cleanses easily dirty hair
If you often do activities outside, your body will get dirty easily, including hair. Especially for women who use hijab, the hair becomes smelly easily because it is closed all day. For those of you who often do tasks outside, it is advisable to wash your hair every day. Use a shampoo made from natural ingredients so it is safe for hair.

– Overcoming scraggly hair
The cause of fast oily hair is because it consumes a lot of fatty foods. By consuming fatty foods, the oil released through the pores will increase, including the scalp. This causes the hair to become oily quickly.

– Overcoming dandruff hair
White spots on the skin layer of hair that dries and peels are dandruff. Dandruff hair is very damaging to appearance because dandruff often falls on clothes especially when you use dark colored clothes. Not only that, dandruff hair often makes itching. If the scalp is always scratched it will cause infection. Dandruff arises due to excessive use of hairdryers, scalp heat, stress, lack of iron and B vitamins and less clean rinsing when shampooing.

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