Gastric cancer is a type of cancer that eats away at the stomach, which is a pouch-shaped digestive organ in the middle of the human abdominal cavity. This disease can be suffered by people of all ages, although most sufferers are aged 55 years and over. Ayahuasca is believed to treat cancer. You can visit our website and try ayahuasca healing experience.

The most common type of gastric cancer is adenocarcinoma, which is a condition when cancer attacks cells in the lining of the stomach that produces fluid such as mucus. In addition to adenocarcinoma, there are also several other types of stomach cancer, although it is rarely found in patients with this disease. Among these types:

– Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), which is cancer that attacks the connective tissue or muscles of the abdominal wall.

– Gastric lymphoma, cancer that attacks lymphatic tissue or tissue that helps fight infection.

– Carcinoid, cancer that attacks hormone-producing cells in the stomach.

The following are some of the symptoms that people with gastric cancer can feel at an early stage:

Bloating and often belching
Stomach feels sore or painful
Pain in the breastbone
Fast full when eating
It’s hard to swallow food
Indigestion that is often recurrent
Feel tired.

Some of the symptoms of gastric cancer at a more severe stage are:

Vomiting blood
Loss of appetite
Black stool or blood in the stool
The body feels tired
Weight loss
Swelling of the stomach due to fluid buildup

Symptoms of stomach cancer in the early stages are usually difficult to recognize because it is almost the same as other stomach problems, such as stomach ulcers. Therefore a doctor’s examination is needed to confirm the diagnosis. Immediately check yourself if you feel the symptoms above.

The cause of gastric cancer still cannot be known with certainty. But in general, cancer occurs when cells in certain parts of the stomach develop uncontrollably. As a result of this overgrowth, cells that had normal properties to help the body function properly became accumulated into tumors. If left untreated, the tumor can spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system.

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