Have a strong will & not give up easily: this is very important because golf is the hardest and most sensitive, it takes patience around 2 to 3 months for basic training, lots of techniques that must be mastered and must be correct starting from the grip/stand, backswing, impact, follow-through, feeling, etc. wrong a little so that the pro results can still be awful. Meanwhile, check out the recommended bangkok golf course as well.

You have to use a supervisor because it’s almost impossible to play with self-taught methods. don’t waste your time on energy and money just to deepen what’s wrong. The best is guided by Pro because he has experience, the correct theory of golf & teaching methods, it can also be from senior cady or senior players but who have a single handicap. But with clear targets. The standard is 2x meetings a week for 2 months is enough to lay the foundations of the game and muscles your body has adjusted to this fairly difficult exercise. Do not because you want to be quick to be fooled by guaranteeing that 4 exercises can be … “down which must be” words arise,

Learning putting: fun and looks easy, this is so that beginners enjoy first and understand the final target of golf. Putting close, far, down, up, tilting left / right is a challenging game. Remember 40% of the game of golf is on the putting

Master iron 7 & 8 first: because this is a standard length stick, you can borrow or buy, if you buy it for beginners, you can buy secondhand equipment first. Understand Golf Swing Physics: TO FASTER CAN understand golf physics is very important, so understand that impact strength is not from the hard swing with hand muscles to hit the ball, but how we move in harmony to optimize the centrifugal force acting on swing golf, so even though we are small, still able to produce blows away.

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