Plants in the room so the right way to make the Fraser Residence condo feel homey. Aside from being a colorful decoration, plants in the condo also purify the air, make you healthier, and help increase your concentration. By providing a good environment for plants and adequate amounts of water and nutrients, you can make sure the plants stay alive.

– Sufficient sunlight
Select the area in the Fraser Residence condo that gets enough sunlight. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. The quality, duration, and intensity of light affect plant growth. Avoid putting plants in direct sunlight. But provide indirect sunlight by placing it in a room with good lighting.

– Choose a pot with good drainage
The amount of drainage pots where plants are very important is because less or excessive watering can damage or kill plants. Make sure there is a drying hole under the pot.

Materials such as plastic, metal, and glass will absorb less water than ceramic or clay pots
Make sure there is a hole under the pot so that the water can dry out. If there are no holes, water can gather and kill plants.

– Don’t move plants frequently in a condo
Plants slowly adjust to their environment so you shouldn’t move it often. This also includes putting it at a temperature that is drastically different. Moving plants in a Fraser Residence condo suddenly from a dark area to a large area of light will have a negative effect on the plant. If you want to move plants, take them to a new area for one hour per day. Slowly increase the amount of time in the new area until the plant can fully adjust.

– Increase the humidity of the room
Dry air is suitable for certain plants such as cactus, but most plants need moisture, especially tropical plants. Make sure your Fraser Residence condo provides enough moisture for the plants, but doesn’t make the flowers and leaves wet.

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