Now, many parents have decided to teach their kids martial arts. In fact, many of them want their children to enter the martial arts community so they can better understand the true meaning of martial arts. For this reason, the selection of martial arts is also very important. Now, there are

that you can choose to practice martial arts in children.

One reason parents want their children to do martial arts is that they want their children to avoid crime. With proper martial arts, they can protect themselves. Not only that, but martial arts ability will also protect children from bullying that their peers might do. Bully is usually done by children who feel strong, good at, or superior, to their weaker friends. Well, children who have self-defense abilities will usually be respected, so avoid the victims of bullying. Martial arts training can also teach discipline to children. Regulations that are inherent in practice, such as the rules of having to arrive on time, doing movements well and correctly, carrying complete training clothes, etc., are examples of teaching good discipline for children. If children violate, there will be sanctions awaiting.

Self-defense training as part of physical exercise also provides health benefits for children. By getting used to exercise, children will grow to be fit and healthy. Movements in martial arts training will also train dexterity in children. He will be trained in reflexes when fending off an opponent’s attack, strong to take a hit on the body, and nimble to move in battle. In martial arts, there is a known increase in levels, usually distinguished by the color of the belt worn on training clothes. In karate, for example, the sequence is white, yellow, green, brown, black, and so on. With this increase in levels, children will be encouraged to excel in order to be able to go to the next level.

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