Arab women apparently can’t drive a car, you know. Although there are no official and written laws, Saudi Arabia’s customary law prohibits women from driving cars. This is because women who drive cars are considered to violate the social values prevailing in society. Even the police clearly did not allow the SIM to be given to women. On the other hand, if you’re interested to visit this country for Hajj, just check out the recommended hajj packages.

May Sell

Initially, Arab women were not allowed to do business and sell open stores. Various business places were only owned by men. But gradually, the government of Saudi Arabia also allows women to carry out selling activities. However, of course, there are conditions that must be met. Single men may not enter a woman’s shop alone, must be accompanied by someone else. And for a married man, he must enter the shop with his wife.

You Can’t Try Clothes

Arab women are apparently not allowed to try clothes at a shopping place when they want to buy them. Probably because shopping places are public places that make Arab women have to be more careful in changing clothes. So if you shop in Saudi Arabia, get ready to record your shirt size first, huh! So as not to buy the wrong one later.

Study and Work

There may be a presumption that Arab women cannot go out and just do homework. But in reality, there are currently many Arab women who are studying up to college. In addition, the number of Arab women who work also has increased. Some of them work in public institutions or become doctors and teachers.

Clever to take care of the house

Even though there are many Arab women who have studied and worked, they still have the basis of a woman who is good at managing a house. Arab women are good at arranging their homes to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible, do not forget to give a variety of typical Arabic fragrances. If you visit an Arab’s house, you will surely find their house beautiful and neat.

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