For women, watches are indeed accessories that they must use. In fact, there are now a lot of watch brands to choose from. One that is always in demand is seiko watches. In fact, for women, choosing a watch is not an easy thing. There are so many types and brands to choose from. There are several tips that can be used to choose the right watch.

1. Pay attention to the model you choose
Because the watch is part of the appearance, make sure the model you choose is appropriate for you to wear. For example, a watch with a classic design, suitable for use career women to go to the office or wedding. While a watch with a sporty model can be used for those of you who are young for a more cheerful and relaxed impression.

2. Adjust the shape and size of your hand
If you have a tiny wrist shape, avoid using a large clock with a very thick strap because it will look disproportionate. We recommend that you choose a watch with a small clock and strap size to compensate for the shape of your hand.

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