English is indeed the world’s most effective language used throughout the world, and there are often many people who master it very well. However, there are other languages ?that must also be mastered by everyone, namely Arabic. In fact, many people who learn Arabic are able to master these two important languages.

For your own English, you are certainly no stranger to learning it at school. Apparently, learning English will also provide many benefits. Below are some reasons for the importance of learning English that you should know.

1. Global language
The reason for the importance of learning English is because English is a global language.
Why? As we all know, English is an international language that must be used by all people in the world. So, when we master English, then, we will be able to adapt and chat with anyone easily when we move abroad. If you master in English, then you can get any chance to be a successful person and can get a good job.

2. The language used for films and music throughout the world
In this world, we know various kinds of films. Sometimes, we have to watch the film using subtitles because, in reality, films that are of high quality and circulating internationally are English-language films. Although there are Japanese films that are of high quality and circulating internationally, surely English is the main subtitle in the film.
So, the reason for the importance of learning English next is to be able to help us enjoy the films that have been circulating. The more we are proficient in English, the more we will understand the message contained in a film that we watch because we really focus on the film, you never feel confused if you watch a film or listen to the music that use english.

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