Halloween is always a waiting day and is celebrated every year. No exception is the film that filled the Halloween day. Many horror genre films or even thrillers fill the Halloween day. Whatever genre of film you will watch, it’s good to visit ShowBox first to see the reviews, ratings, and case in the film.

For some people who don’t really like the number of ghost figures in a horror film, some of these films can be used as references for Halloween.

1. A Quiet Place
The film, starring the husband and wife John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, managed to get us into a thrilling situation with as little as possible. Because, if we make the slightest noise, three terrible monsters will come quickly killing anyone who makes the sound.

2. Scream
The film starts with a character who gets a question by telephone. The question asked is actually simple, such as what is your favorite horror film? ‘. In fact, the horror film actually made the telephone receiver lose the people around him in an unexpected way.

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