One of the most consistent findings in the world of nutrition lately is that consumption of alcohol and liquor (in small amounts) can improve general health and lead you to longevity. Health benefits of alcohol range from strengthening the brain, to curing colds and colds. However, if you feel addicted, you can join the alcoholism treatment program to try to stop.

The following are 6 benefits of alcohol that may be obtained if you consume them as needed.

1. Good for heart health

Adequate intake of any liquor or alcohol can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 percent, according to a review involving more than 100 prospective studies from the Harvard School of Public Health. Researchers found that consuming beer within reasonable limits every day can decrease 25 % of heart disease risk. The research team concluded, drinking beer up to 1.3 liters per day for men, and a half for women (around 0.65 liters) can have a beneficial effect on your heart. The benefits of alcohol on heart health are related to its ability to increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, and reduce blood disorders that can cause clogged arteries – along with heart attacks that can follow.

2. Good for kidney health

Although soft drinks and syrup have been associated with an increased risk of kidney stone formation (23-33 percent), consuming beer and wine, in fact, shows a much lower risk percentage: 41% decrease in beer risk and 31 percent for wine. In addition, regular consumption of alcohol is known to be able to reduce the risk of gallstones. Conversely, people who do not routinely include alcohol in their daily consumption do not show a significant relationship to these risks.

Active compounds in liquor affect good and bad cholesterol in the blood, but also affect the level of cholesterol contained in bile. Plus, having excess weight is one of the risk factors for the appearance of gallstones. So, consumption of liquor responsibly can help you manage a healthy weight.

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