A house is built with several materials that have different textures and materials. For the floor, many houses use ceramics but with the development of creativity to beautify the house, we can see many houses using wood as the floor of the house. Although it is not in the room and is only used as a place to relax, homeowners still have to do maintenance, especially repainting. With so much material in the house, homeowners can not use one type of paint for all materials because the results obtained will be different. For that, it’s better they use the services of sure paint who already have experience in this and can be trusted for all families.

Paint for Wood

Not all paint can be applied to wood paint. The wood surface is very rough and you can not coat it with paint just like that. Primary stain-blocking is painted suitable for wood surfaces. However, primary stain-blocking is only used in the first layer. For the outer layer, you can use paint with high-quality latex, because this paint can last longer than other types of paint. You can also use oil-based paint because it is very suitable for the type of wood (bare).

Paint for Metal (aluminum, iron, and steel)

As we know if there are some parts in the house that must use metal materials such as door handles, table legs, and others. You can not allow the part to be covered by rust, so you should coat it with paint to make it look more beautiful. Paint that is suitable for metal is an exterior-grade primer. You can also ask our Painters to find paint formulated for metal.

Paint for Dry Wall

First of all, lay the surface of the wall with the primary stain-blocking. Then, seal with acrylic latex primer that has good quality and top. If you use both, then you can get amazing results.

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