The success of selling business products is not only determined by the quality of the product itself, but many factors determine such as the selection of customer segments. What is the customer segment? Customer segmentation is a marketing strategy to divide customers into certain boxes through a predetermined size. With so many customer segments, you have to choose which one is really suitable for your business. So you know what marketing strategies are suitable and business profits are increasing. Not only that, you can even map customers with locations. Marketing methods and customer segmentation using this location are called geofencing and are being developed in several countries. In this segmentation make a more specific measure of whether your product will be marketed to all regions of a country or only to some cities with certain districts. Because with this method you can reach potential customers to generate profits for your company or business, this will greatly help you to get a large turnover.

The first step to segmenting your customers is by listing your customers first, especially the list of income for each of your customers. Maybe you will find it difficult if indeed your customers are already many, the solution is you can buy certain software to recap all your customer data. After making a list of customer income, then choose any customer that matches the product you want to offer, such as mirrorless cameras. This product is suitable for customers with revenues of five million and above, so customers who have revenues above five million are segmenting your market, and so on. The second step is to divide your customers based on a person’s basic size such as age, gender, location, and level of education. For example gaming laptops, market segmentation for ages 20-30 years, location in Surabaya, male gender, high school education level to S2, and so on that you can adjust to your product.

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