If you are a chef in a restaurant, you will certainly not be familiar with the amount of gas you use every day. This is because you really have to cook with a very large amount for the various menus ordered. However, there is now a propane exchange that can help you refill gas or even buy new products with the gas you need.

When cooking, you certainly don’t realize how much gas you use. So, there is the best way to save gas even though you often cook. Some of the ways in question are

– Use a good gas hose.
Gas is pressing in all directions, which is why a good hose is needed, which at least has the ability to withstand a pressure of 500 psi. If not, the hose will quickly loosen and the gas will run out quickly.

– Pay attention to the regulator
Use an automatic regulator that is more profitable because it can detect if at any time there is a gas leak.
Well, if you travel for a long time, the regulator should be removed from the gas cylinder. This is so that no dangerous events can occur in your home such as fire or even exploding gas.

– Cover the pan while boiling
Sounds trivial, but this has the effect of saving gas. Boiling by closing the pan makes the food fast, the steam produced is not wasted.
In addition, it also keeps food nutrients from flying with the steam coming out of the pan.

– Do this clever tactic when cooking meat
Did you know that meat is the food that makes a gas run out quickly, especially those with bones such as oxtail and ribs? Well, you can replace it by cooking meat using a pressure cooker.
For example, cooking meat using a pan takes up to 2 hours.
Conversely, with a pressure cooker, Moms only need 50 minutes to cook meat until the texture is soft.

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