Sadness is a normal emotion for every human being to have. Without it, we will find it hard to feel empathy and sympathy toward others, and that kind of a scenario can turn everyone to become more sadistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic toward each other. That’s why feeling sad is actually a good way for letting go your emotion, but indulging yourself for too long and excessively in sadness can bear some dangerous risks. Therefore, we’d like to inform you about some risks of letting yourself in sadness for too long. Meanwhile, check out Sad Shayari to find other’s sad stories, so you’ll know that your life isn’t the hardest.

1. The risk of committing suicide

Throwing away your life is believed to be the number one ticket to enter hell in many religions. So if you believe in the afterlife, letting yourself to be drowned in sadness for a really long time can be a very bad thing to do, especially if you don’t want any devil’s whispers to convince you to do one of the worst sins in most religions.

2. You can’t see the bright side of things

Most scenarios have its own bright side. So if you want to see the solutions of your problems, try to lift your mood and don’t let the sadness corrupt your heart, which makes it harder for you to think clearly.

3. Hurting your relationship with others

Some people ended up throwing away their loved ones due to sadness, and they become even sadder than before when they realize that they’re now all alone. Don’t do this if you love your friends and family.

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