Like humans needing additional vitamins to strengthen their bodies, plants also need fertilizer to make it more fertile and strong. Fertilizers themselves have organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. As the name suggests, organic fertilizers come from animals and plants that are used as fertilizer. While chemical fertilizers are made chemically. Each fertilizer has its own advantages, but organic fertilizers have a higher level of health for plants and for people who will consume the results of these plants. You can also visit our website to get Fertilizer for Less.

If you have a hobby of gardening, surely you will need fertilizer for your plants. No need to go buy expensive fertilizers, because you can make fertilizer from the rest of your kitchen! Thus you can reduce the amount of waste that exists, and of course, you can at the same time save money.

Basically, plants need high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to thrive. Who would have thought that all the minerals needed could be found from the rest of your kitchen? Like banana peels, coffee grounds, even eggshells. Yes, they can all be used for the health of your plants.

Surely you are no stranger to bananas. Not only is the meat soft and fragrant, but the skin also has all the good ingredients needed by your plants. Banana peel is the most appropriate fertilizer for your plant growth. There are many ways to use it as fertilizer.

– You can use it directly. Place the banana peel in a hole that you have dug together with your plant. Being close to the roots of the plant makes nutrients from the banana skin absorbed directly by the roots. Along with plant growth, the banana peel will rot and decompose properly. Plants also thrive.

– You can cut the banana peel into small pieces. With a cut, you have helped the decay process of the banana peel, so that the release of nutrients and minerals in it can occur faster. Bury pieces of banana peel with a depth of approximately 10 cm in the soil and plant your plants. A little suggestion from Kania, you should put banana peel before planting plants. So, you don’t need to be afraid of the possibility of plant roots getting hurt when you put the banana peel.

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