There are many activities that rely on screws as the right adhesive. In fact, many people prefer screws over bolts for several reasons. However, from all that, what needs to be considered is whether the screws that you have are of good quality or not at all. For that, visit if you want to get the best handling for your dirty or even damaged screws.

The process of making screws is also not an easy and simple thing, need quality materials to get quality screws too. The process of making screws will also not be completed without the finishing and testing being done. The finishing and testing process that you need to know from making these screws is

– To make the screw more durable, it needs to be coated with a special metal finishing material. The process of finishing metal is not the same as the finishing process on wood. The screw bars are dissolved into a large vessel containing special chemical liquids for metal finishing.
The screws will be soaked for a certain amount of time until they get the necessary finishing layer.
After finishing the finishing, the screw is inserted into a tool to clean the sharp edges. The final stage is internal quality control to select and dispose of screws that do not meet quality standards.

– Testing
For quality export furniture products and those directly related to children, buyers will demand furniture manufacturers to test hardware (screws, nails, etc.) to be used. The simplest test is a test that aims to find out how long the hardware will last against rust.
But for local production and furniture in the room, buyers do not carry out these requirements too much.

By knowing the finishing and testing process, you will no longer be confused about the materials used and how to make screws that are of good quality with quality ingredients. Usually, heavier screws also have better quality.

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