Inverters according to aircon servicing are technologies that eliminate operating waste in air conditioners by controlling motor speed efficiently so that it is more energy efficient. The speed of the motor in a non-inverter type AC endures repeated and the warmth is fixed by applying the engine ON and OFF, which wastes more power. In inverter type AC, the temperature is adjusted by changing the motor speed without turning the motor ON and OFF. Related to non-inverter model AC, AC with inverters have less lost power and can save 30% more energy. When compared to human movements; AC Type Non-Inverter — Starts and forcibly stops operation, rests, then starts and stops once again using more energy. AC Type Inverter – When the right speed is maintained, the site can continue without wasting energy.

How to control motor speed? The motor operates with magnets and electric current, the motor consists of two types of magnets. One of them is a permanent magnet that has a natural magnetic force. The other is an electromagnet that produces an electric magnetic force. The direction of the electric current determines the electromagnetic polarity. The north (U) and south (S) electromagnets are determined by the direction of the electric current. If the direction of the electric current is reversed, the north (U) and south (S) poles are also reversed. The motor rotates by reversing the direction of the electric current. When magnetism is in contact, the tensile-pull force between the magnetic poles U and S and the resistive repulsion force occur between the poles U and U and the poles S and S.

The principle is that the AC electric current from PLN is converted to DC, then changed again to AC, whose frequency is regulated automatically by a temperature sensor. So if it is cold, the sensor will improve the power so that the compressor spins overdue, which ultimately saves electricity. This inverter type air conditioner has several disadvantages such as expensive maintenance costs, less cold fast, will be easily damaged due to components that work continuously without idle process, the price of spare parts and freon is more expensive, and requires high electrical power when just turned on.

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