In modern times, with very high human mobility, gasoline is a very important liquid. The vitality of gasoline for the economy of a country is the same as the vitality of blood for the human body. Without gasoline (and diesel oil), the world we know now is like going to stop pulsing. You can klikk her for å skaffe deg et bensinkort.

Gasoline is a transportation fuel that still plays an important role to date. Gasoline contains more than 500 types of hydrocarbons that have a C5-C10 chain. The level varies depending on the composition of the crude oil and the desired quality. Gasoline as a motor vehicle fuel, because gasoline only burns in the vapor phase, then the gasoline must be evaporated in the carburetor before being burned in the vehicle engine cylinder.

The desired combustion of gasoline is what produces a smooth boost to the piston drop. This depends on the accuracy of the combustion time so that the amount of energy transferred to the piston becomes maximum. The timing of combustion depends on the type of hydrocarbon chain which will then determine the quality of the gasoline.

Petrol (commonly called gasoline in the United States and Canada) is a mixture of liquids originating from petroleum and mostly composed of hydrocarbons and used as fuel in internal combustion machine engines. The word gasoline is widely used in the oil industry, even in non-American companies. Sometimes the term mogas (short for motor gasoline, used by cars) is used to distinguish it from avgas, gasoline used by light aircraft.

You have to know whether your car needs diesel fuel, ethanol or gasoline. If you don’t know, you have to find out before entering the gas station. Usually, the ends of the hose fill different diesel fuel, ethanol and gasoline sizes. When you go to the gas station, pumps for diesel fuel are usually in a separate area, but can also be close together or become one. Always check to convince you. If you fill the tank with the wrong fuel, the engine can be damaged. If you accidentally put the wrong fuel, don’t turn on the car. You must remove all contents of the tank and rinse several times to prevent damage.

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