These things will not be felt when it is still early but over time it will become even bigger and we will definitely feel something different right? This is left unchecked will be fatal for ourselves even other people around us too. Therefore, according to Ayahuasca Retreat USA mental health is of equal importance to the health of the human body. If you have a stomach ache, we will definitely go to the doctor for a check-up, right? Why not do the same thing, go to a psychologist to do a mentality check-up too? Unfortunately, there are still many who are not too concerned about their mental health, but they have experienced a fatal mental illness. When late to detect it, as a result, the treatment will also take a long time. Therefore, mental health has been proven to be as important as the health of our body. For those of you who still have never thought about their mental health, Ayahuasca Retreat USA urges you to try now to care. People who look healthy at any angle, still have the possibility to suffer from one mental disorder such as eating disorder, sleep disorders, and many more.

Instead of getting up, there are even more falls. Indeed, there are types of people who can work under pressure, there are also people who need ‘other people’ to work under pressure. Isn’t it difficult not to take a personal approach to someone who is falling? Or at the very least, we can be good listeners for them if maybe we can’t give advice to those who are currently falling. Actually, they are not capers or are looking for attention, they are just facing problems like humans as usual. Maybe some people think that stress and depression are the same because they are always associated with sadness. But in fact, stress and depression are two different things. Stress is a form of tension from physical, psychological, emotional and mental which certainly affects the performance of someone in their activities.

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